Our Believes:

We strongly believe winners aren’t the smartest or the most talented. Winners believe they will win, they work hard towards achieving their goals and they never give up.

Iwin Clothing:

We create clothing that people can wear and feel inspired to work hard, make an impact, achieve their dreams and live happily. We reach people who dream big and have the desire to reach it. People who buy Iwin because they truly believe in our beliefs and mission.

Iwin Brand:

The Iwin Brand represents the dreams of millions of people, the hard work they do everyday to achieve it, they are happy to keep working because it’s all they ever wanted, they never stop until they achieve the dream.

Iwin Founder:

Hello, My name is Iwin Matthew Iyyadurai. I was born in the southern tip of India. I grew up in India until I was 11 years of age. When I was 11 I went to NYC to visit, while there, I decided to continue my schooling in Queens, NY. I had a passion for aviation and become involved in Aviation maintenance, flying and finally went to Daytona beach to become an Aerospace Engineer. While I was studying Aerospace Engineering, I struggled to keep up, to keep going. I found it hard to stay motivated, at many times it would have been much easier to just give up. There were much smarter friends who changed degrees and schools, But my dream kept me going. So when I finally completed my studies, I was overjoyed, that feeling was indescribable. I knew many people face challenges every day in their lives, the most important thing to overcome challenges is a dream, hard work, dedication and never giving up. Anyone who keeps working towards their dream, without breaking will achieve it.

Meet our team

We believe everyone deserves to be successful, achieve their dreams, be happy and live a Winner!
    Iwin Matthew

    Iwin is the founder of Iwin Clothing and the Iwin Brand.

    Iwin Matthew
Iwin Brand
The Iwin Brand represents winning. We believe Everyone has the ability to win. Those who work hard, don't give up and keep going will become a Winner!

What Winners Do!

Dream Big

Work Hard

Never Give Up

Become a Winner